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Steven Tatar, Creative Catalyst
Ohio Knitting Mills is a forward-looking apparel label with a MidCentury Modern soul. It is inspired by the aesthetic of the five-decade spanning archive of original knitwear produced by the Cleveland-based mill founded in 1927, and the ethos of the authentic Heartland American tradition of industrial craftsmanship which this collection emerged from.

Ohio Knitting Mills makes knit textiles and sportswear for men and women.

The Ohio Knitting Mills apparel brand was created by Steven Tatar in 2006, after he acquired the extensive and remarkable archive of the eponymous knitting mill founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1927. Three generations of the founding family operated the mill as a contract-only supplier to retailers and labels across the country, large and small, churning out thousands of knits styles for men, women, and children. The mill's clothes were sold as affordable fashion to America's middle class that was rapidly expanding during the postwar boom. Today, the Ohio Knitting Mills is once again creating colorful and graphically exciting sportswear, and still operating in Cleveland, O.!

And we love to make posters.

And postcards. Lots of postcards.

We knit our fabrics in New Jersey, and sew our garments in our small but mighty factory in Cleveland, O.

We get to collaborate with some terrific labels.

Ohio Knitting Mills has been at it in Cleveland, O. since 1927! Our extensive design library contains 1000's of pristine samples of OKM knitwear going back to the 1930's; view some of our favorites by clicking HERE.....

As much as we love our history, we're even more interested in what

we can design and make for the present now. Take a look at our most recent 

Men's Collection by clicking HERE.....

Amazing story, isn't it? And we're not the only ones telling it.....

Here's one of our favorite articles about OKM 

We even wrote a book about the whole adventure, We're that kinda cool.

Artisan Press, 2012. ISBN: 1579653995

Ohio Knitting Mills launched its flagship store in Brooklyn, NY in 2006, and since then has opened 4 different pop-up spaces in hometown Cleveland, O, staged a dozen trunkshows nationally in partnership with Design Within Reach, and participated in numerous regional shows from Boston to LA.

We also have taken OKM around the world,

                                                        from Japan.......

to Russia........

JUMBLE: style for men,

Shibuya, Tokyo

BRAVERY MARKET: Defenders of The Motherland Day (aka "Man Day"),

Tsvetnoy Department Store, Moscow

See the story unfold at

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