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Steven Tatar, Creative Catalyst
Working with glass, stone, metal, and wood, Steven Tatar's sculptures are widely collected and can be found in museums as well as public and private collections nationally.

Founders Awards. 

Limited edition commissioned by Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland. 

Carved glass, brass, copper.

11" h.

The Swimmer. 

Carved glass, bronze, granite. 

64" h.


Meeting Place. 

Fuse-cast glass, granite, sandstone, bronze, water.  

16' h.

Soap Box Derby Racecourse Gateway. 

Stainless Steel, Sandstone.  

9'-6"' h.

Light Cloud Luminaire. 

Slump-cast glass, copper, LED lighting.  

47"' w.

Fire Island / Source of Rain. 

Slump-cast glass, vitreous enamel, sandstone, slate.  

26"' h.

Beneath the Waves. 

Slump-cast glass, steel, copper, limestone, slate.  

24"' h.

Columbus Bend. 

Slump-cast glass, sandstone, slate, granite.  

42"' h.

Peg Leg Sideboard. 


38"' h.

Uglified Lamp. 

Hot-cast glass, steel, granite, incandescent lighting. 42"' h.

Raft / Deep Canyon. 

Slump-cast glass, copper, sandstone, slate.  

40"' h.

Suspended Wing. 

Slump-cast glass, granite.  

42"' h.

Ner Tamid (Eternal Light). 

Slump-cast glass, bronze, incandescent lighting.  

38"' h.

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